Old-timer rally for renovated space rovers

The Solar Academy has prepared a huge rally for old space rovers and invites everyone to come down and take a ride in some proper old-school machinery!

Dug up from layers of rubble and caked in space dust, pulled out of craters and dunes, pieced back together and given a clean and shine, the transport buggies have been given a new lease of life and will be the centrepiece of the event. You’ll be able to get to know their history and even go for a ride in some of the restored machines.

One of the rovers is even driven by solar power. ‘This old technology was indeed good for a moment,’ underlines one of the rally’s organisers. ‘The Earthlings even managed to do a good job,’ says Professor Astral. ‘These unmanned research vehicles may have been innovative, but scientists didn’t take one thing into account when sending these machines into space: us! When we see such a rover taking samples, we just pick them up and take them home.’

The ingenuity of our residents knows no bounds. In a picture sent in by one of our readers you can see how this quirky construction can make life easier for young parents. You can see this vehicle as well as many others at the Solar Academy from tomorrow.