About Asteroid Daily

Asteroid Daily is a small publishing house located on an asteroid somewhere between Mars and Jupiter. We specialize in local news in which we address social and scientific issues. 

Asteroid Daily is active in the asteroid belt. However this edition has been also made accessible on the internet on Planet Earth.

About the authors

Jan Ciecierski

Jan Ciecierski

“The world is changing – and becoming more complex and incomprehensible. As a designer I have a need to confront these changes and translate them in an understandable and engaging way.”

Joachim Ciecierski

Joachim Ciecierski

“I’ve been asking questions since I was a kid. I managed to find the answer to most of them, but in fact what I really like is looking for answers to questions which haven’t been asked yet.”


If you have questions on the Asteroid Daily, on the Book “Beyond the Sky” or if a space debris fall in to your coffee cup, do not hesitate to contact us.