Tomorrow’s weather forecast

A warning for all you whose mood changes with the weather – the sun’s activity is to increase from Thursday and for the next four years there’ll be a greater amount of solar energy coming our way.

Most of us won’t feel the difference, but anyone who is sensitive to atmospheric changes might feel a certain sense of irritation and some health complaints – headaches, hiccups and sweaty feet are often caused by a surge in protons which are carried by solar winds. An aluminium cap or a stainless steel cooking pot worn on the head should help with the headaches. For hiccups we recommend a spoonful of sugar.

However, good news for anyone who loves to bathe in warm water – the proton waves are great for heating up swimming pools, and it’s free! So put on your swimming costumes, slip on your flip-flops and enjoy the great weather!

The solar winds will also raise hopes that scientists will make more discoveries and that social changes will also take place. As we know, our psychological makeup changes with the Sun’s activity. Self-adhesive arms and legs, with which we can’t imagine our lives, wouldn’t have been made possible without the solar winds which stimulated their inventor. Always remember, however, that this weather your Kepler meringue doesn’t stand a chance. Instead go for a crumble – it’s less calorific.