Nasty weather rolling in!

Gaseous clouds mixed with interstellar dust are set to wreak havoc to the weather system this coming weekend.

Batten down the hatches! From tomorrow we are going to have to deal with a rapid rise in diatomic hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

The forecast data shows that the emissions from the molecular clouds will cause the temperature to drop to 270 degrees Celsius. The front coming in also poses a risk of flying space junk in our atmosphere, so remember to secure your buildings’ roofs.

Meteorologists forecast that more and more cosmic trash is to come our way over time thanks to Earthlings’ greater space activity.

Since 1957 humans have been littering space with thousands of flying objects. Boffins from the Protoplanetary Disk Academy think that around 100,000 such pieces of junk are in orbit right now.

On the up side, the good news is that the black holes forecast for Saturday no longer pose a threat, and their vacuum gravitational pull won’t be felt at all.