Pictor constellation

Dear Editor –

I became very concerned about Qi’s welfare after reading an article about his difficulties in one of your latest editions. As the space junk becomes more and more intolerable, I would like to propose that he comes over to the Painter Galaxy.

Dear Qi, you’re more than welcome here! Our galaxy is only 10 light years away and is made up of around a dozen planets. I don’t know your interests or your hobbies, but I’m sure you’ll find something here for you: there’s the planet Libris, where you can read books all day long, while on others you can swim and do all sorts of other sports. On yet another you can paint and one others you can visit any number of museums or listen to some gorgeous music played by the Intergalactic Philharmonic. On yet another planet you can join the famous sculptor Rocky Marbles while he carves out his latest work. All of the planets are close to each other and – more importantly – no cosmic trash from Earth!

I’m waiting for your call.

Piktor vel Brushline