Beyond the Sky hits bookstores everywhere

Due to the ever-growing problem caused by space junk, the Asteroid Daily has published a book on the issue of cosmic waste. For some time now we have observed a growing number of unidentified objects which are orbiting Earth. Some objects are the size of a rock, some are less than a centimetre in diameter. We estimate that hundreds of thousands such objects are currently in orbit. 

The history of trash in the universe started when humans landed on the Moon. Astronauts left a huge pile of trash there: tools, bags full of human waste, spades, shoes, towels and empty food packaging. From that time the cosmic junk yard has become bigger and bigger. The problem is that all this junk will be circling the Earth for at least another 200 years.

Space junk is not only made up of rusty satellites, however. We are also becoming bombarded with really bad smells wafting our way from the Blue Planet. The toxic fumes caused by the burning of tropical forests mixed with the noxious emissions and excess CO2 are also making their way to our planetoids. Residents of some asteroids have had to learn to live with the windows shut just to be able to survive.

The next challenge which we have to face is light pollution. The Earth’s sky at night shines so brightly that it is having a negative effect on our natural environment which is used to darkness at night, and it has also meant that we have had to suffer many sleepless nights! The harsh glow which comes from Earth has also made it hard for us to carry on with our astronomical observations.

This is why the Asteroid Daily has decided to publish the book ‘Beyond the Sky’, thanks to which we want to raise awareness on these problems which not only are making our lives difficult, but will also in the near future have a serious effect on the delicate composure of human beings. 

This book has been sent to Earth in a special capsule. We hope that it lands in safe hands.

Asteroid Daily