Master of the Universe golf cup

The Milky Way is not just made up of billions of stars, it also hosts the largest golf course in the universe. With 400 billion holes to play in just 24 hours, the competition is proper sporting madness which pulls in thousands of contestants.

After last year’s wrist injury, no-one would have believed in the return of pro golfer Total Eclipse, but he is now ready to rock and roll after taking in the hot springs on Neptune over the past months. ‘I’m as good as new, and as a bonus my skin complexion is simply awesome!’ says Eclipse. Health is one thing, but training is another matter altogether.

Fans have been asking themselves the question whether such a long break from the sport will have knocked the star out of balance. ‘He can knock himself out as far as I’m concerned,’ punned Total Eclipse’s arch-rival Black Orbit, who has been training hard ahead of the Milky Way Pro-Am. ‘I’ve spent the last weeks on planet Earth and have studying the effects of gravity. Now I know how to get the ball in the hole much faster!’ boasts Orbit.

‘He’s really managed to up his game,’ Orbit’s veteran trainer Dave Driver has said. ‘Thanks to defying our laws of physics and implementing gravitational tactics thanks his mind-bending techniques, his shots have become incredibly precise’.

‘Now the ball doesn’t just fly around in the air for hours, but lands directly where it should: in the hole,’ underlined Driver.

Precision or force? Gravity or weightlessness? We’ll find out the answer very soon once the Master of the Universe Golf Cup tees off.