Drilling on Mars

Life in our galaxy is becoming harder by the day. We have just received some worrying news from one of our readers about sonic disturbances coming from the Red Planet.

We’re used to the fact that every day we have to clean our asteroids from space trash, and we all know too well that without covering up our windows we can’t get any sleep from the light pollution from Earth. However, we have got hold of some disturbing news from our reader Qi on planetoid TeoN-176.

Qi says that there is a distressing noise coming from Mars, and the metal bangs and clangs are becoming hard to endure. ‘Every night I have to put on ear protectors,’ says our reader. ‘I’ve become a nervous wreck and my dog is walking around all day with his tail in between his legs in fear’.

We decided to check out what is causing the problem. Our reporter visited the Red Planet and came back with some very worrying news.

Earthlings have transported heavy machinery to our beautiful planet, such as drills, diggers, pumps and electric generators which are working and operational round the clock. Apparently they are looking for resources below the planet’s surface.

When confronted by our reporter, workers at the site refused to answer and asked him to leave. ‘They told me to leave straight away because apparently it is private property. It looked as if they wanted to cut Mars in half,’ our man on the ground has reported.

You can read more about Qi’s problems in our latest feature report.